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Proactive Dealer Solutions has over twelve hundred happy dealerships utilizing the bdc software and onsite dealership training services
Happy Clients
BDC training boot camp offers dealership best practices and automotive call center training
Boot Camp Attendees
Proactive Dealer Solutions has built 4000+ automotive bdcs with their bdc solutions
BDCs Built
Automotive bdc appointment setting exceeds 4.9 million bdc appointments logged in bdc central
Appointments Set Annually
service bdc appointment setters bring dealership growth in virtual bdc
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dealership gross profit increases with proactive dealer solutions
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Proactive Dealer Solutions

Our full suite of automotive service offerings can be customized into a
program to meet the needs of your dealership.
bdc optimizaton means dealership optimization with imr turnkey solution

Optimize My Dealership

Turnkey Onsite Training Solution

Our team of experienced Performance Coaches come onsite to your dealership and build your structure, processes and people.

bdc software like callercx and bdc central provide remote coaching and bdc training university

Do It Myself

Software & Remote Coaching

We give you the tools & training to grow your business development initiative.

proactive dealer solutions automotive recruiting services for dealership staffing, imr turnkey vendor

Connect, Engage, Convert

AI Software & Remote Coaching

We give you the software tools and virtual training to connect more sales and service calls, engage your leads, provide the exceptional experience they deserve, and convert them to lifetime customers.

We handle your calls with a virtual automotive call center

Handle My Calls

Virtual BDC

We drive your service business by booking service appointments on your dealership’s behalf, allowing your team to focus on the customers in the drive.


Who We Are

Your Customer Experience Solution Center

Proactive Dealer Solutions has partnered with automotive manufacturers and dealers for more than 25 years. Together, we drive teams to higher levels of performance – fuelling profitability and growth with our technology, depth of resources, and industry expertise.

We do this in four steps:

Find and Train the Right People

It’s essential that you find the right people for your organization--that you have the right people on the bus. As BDC Experts, we will teach you the key things to look for when filling positions at your dealership and staffing all roles. Some of the qualifications might not be exactly what you think they are, but we’ve cracked the code. Getting the right people in the right positions is essential.

And then comes training. You can have the best people with the most experience, but if they’re not trained on how you do business, how you operate, then you’re setting them up for failure. We also believe that there are some things we can teach you about the process of teaching them--things that will take a good employee to a great employee. All you need is a little hands-on expertise.

Build a Winning Culture

A company is nothing without a winning culture. The culture of a company will determine whether or not employees are devoted and willing to go the extra mile, or whether they’re watching the clock anxious to get out of there. There’s more to company culture than snacks in the breakroom and holiday parties--it’s all about attitude and the vibrancy that people bring to work with them each day. Don’t think of culture as games and activities; think of culture as the intangible element that permeates your entire organization. A winning culture is a culture that cares about their work, that cares about their customers, that cares about fellow employees. And it starts from the top down, leading by example. Not sure how to instill that culture? Our BDC is here to help.

Implement and Reinforce Lead Management

Many dealerships don’t even have lead management techniques or software. They rely on customers to walk in the door every morning and ask to see a car. There’s so much more that your salespeople can be doing than sitting in the showroom, anxious for the next eager customer.

A lead management system is a system that tracks potential buyers, that ranks and prioritises them, and that alerts you to when they’re likely to make the decision to buy. Lead management isn’t the easiest thing to master, but we’re the experts and we’re ready to teach you how to do it, and then reinforce it with your employees. Lead management should be part of every employee’s job--they just have to know how.

Establish and Strengthen Core Business Development Processes

To grow your business you need to think in broad terms, while keeping a tight rein on the details. No one ever grew a business by just sitting around and waiting for people to walk in. There’s more to it than that. There are processes that make you better at what your company is good at, that fix what your company struggles with, and that elevates you to the next level, whether that’s gaining the largest market share in your region or expanding into different areas. We want to help you succeed at what you do best while giving you the tools to take things to the next level.
Automotive Consultants At Work | Proactive Dealer Solutions

Find and Train
The Right People

An Automotive Consultant Leading Classroom of New Hires | Proactive Dealer Solutions

Build a
Winning Culture

Two Automotive Consultants Strategizing | Proactive Dealer Solutions

Implement & Reinforce
Lead Management

Automotive Consulting Group Seminar | Proactive Dealer Solutions

Establish & Strengthen Core Business Development Processes

Services We Offer

We grow your dealership through people, process,
structure and technology.

What Impact Will Partnering with the BDC Experts have on your dealership?

CallerCX call recording software wins PCG companies rising star award for AI-powered speech analytics and missed opportunity alerts for dealership sales phone training

“Most dealers don’t have a clue how many calls they are losing or why. This year, Proactive Dealer Solutions received a Rising Star award for CallerCX. Tracking and recording every inbound call made to the dealership, CallerCX identifies red flags in the call process and helps dealers repair those problems, down to which employees need phone training on what topics. AI-powered speech analytics and call abandon technology automatically scores calls for performance, lead quality, and missed opportunities in sales, service, or finance. We think this product is destined for growth.”

~ BRIAN PASCH  |  FOUNDER  |  PCG Companies and Brian Pasch Enterprises

Frank Moody, Recommends Proactive Dealer Solutions to other automotive dealerships

“Today’s customer wants to have a stress-free buying experience. Proactive has helped us adapt to this changing environment and be the leader in our marketplace!”


Ray Gould, Recommends Proactive Dealer Solutions to other automotive dealerships

“I had no idea such a turnkey solution existed in this space of automotive. Proactive helped us find the right people, train the people to succeed and even hold our people accountable in real time. Best decision we ever made!”

~ Ray Gould  |  Executive Director  |  Schumacher Automotive Group

Nathan Crocker, Recommends Proactive Dealer Solutions to other automotive dealerships

“PDS has provided myself and the organization the tools, processes and training to build one of the largest and most successful BDCs in the country for both Sales and Service…”

~ Nathan Crocker | Business Development Director | Hendrick Automotive Group Consolidated BDC

Howard Drake, Recommends Proactive Dealer Solutions to other automotive dealerships

“By working with PDS, we increased our sales business by 28% and our service by 24% simply by following their playbook of best practices. I'm proud to say this partnership has been beneficial and will continue to be ongoing!”

~ Howard Drake | Dealer | Casa Automotive Group

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CDKGlobal, CDK Global partner program, approved partner
DealerSocket, Dealer Socket Certified Partners, over 500 integration points, iDMS Outbound APIs Fulfillment Partner
Authenticom Vendor Dealership Data Partner, DealerVault by Authenticom trusted data partner
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General Motors, GM iMR Approved Turnkey Product, iMR Turnkey Product, PASE iMR BDC Enabler Approved

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