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Want to make your next 20 group meeting a game changer? Invite the BDC Experts.

We Can Deliver a Powerful Message to Your Group in a One-Hour Session

PDS regularly participates in 20 Group Meetings sharing our ideas and best practices to help participants’ businesses become more successful.
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Take Advantage of the Success From Our Top Performing Dealer Group Partners

Our facilitators use proven, data-driven results to create conversation. We facilitate an interactive meeting with personalized insight using composite data from each participant’s dealership.

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Thought Leadership is the New Strategy for Growth

Today’s consumer is forcing automotive dealerships to change their business models and adapt to new market realities. 20 Group Meetings provide a platform to share information and best practices among strategic partners enabling growth and innovation through the power of thought leadership.

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Expertise in Action

In order to keep up with the evolving customer, dealers must deliver an unmatched customer experience, putting the customer at the center of everything they do. We can help shape the experience that your employees provide by ensuring it’s aligned with customer expectations and supported by internal tools and processes that work seamlessly together.

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Providing a seamless customer experience can only happen if your culture supports it.

The more evolved businesses become, the more we hear about culture being the buzz as the primary reason for company success. A positive dealership culture will attract and retain great talent, motivate them to be their best and help your store thrive. As dealerships begin to restructure roles, breakdown silos and promote a culture of customer centricity to build an effective digital retailing experience, shaping the culture to support it is critical.

Let Proactive Dealer Solutions share our core competencies with your 20 Group at your next meeting:

Achieving a Great Customer Experience Across your Organization
Building a Top Performing Team
Increasing CRM Utilization for Growth
Increasing Profitability in the Service Drive
Running a Profitable BDC
Fixing & Mastering the Phones
Best Communication Practices for Today’s Buyer
How to Increase Sales without Increasing Advertising Spend
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