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Proactive Dealer Solutions brings the future of automotive sales and service to you, crafting immersive workshops with customized curricula right at your chosen venue. Stay ahead of the curve with training that evolves as swiftly as the industry itself, ensuring you and your team lead the charge in innovation and trends.

Allow our experts to craft your journey to customer experience mastery, from custom workshop development to seamless implementation and lasting sustainment.

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A Customized Approach to Suit Your Needs

Partner with us to tailor a solution that scales to your organization's unique needs, leveraging the most advanced and effective strategies in the industry.
Some of our Workshops
Digital Retailing Accelerator Workshop
Digital Retailing Accelerator Workshop is an intensive, highly interactive program that combines customer experience principles and digital retailing best practices with practical application and hands-on-learning.
The Problem
Our Workshop Solution
Lack of understanding the modern customers’ needs and market trends.
Defines the expectations of today’s customer.
Failure to set actionable goals, determine objectives, and develop a go-to-market plan to launch a modern retailing strategy.
Step by step guide to determining where you are today, where you want to go, and actionable best practices to get you there.
Dealership culture isn’t aligned with evolving business practices.
Create a workplace culture that engages, motivates, and delights talent and enables them to perform at their peak.
Lack of customer-centric processes that support modern retailing.
Shape a “solve for the customer” mindset that drives processes.
Focusing on the sale instead of the relationship.
Evolve roles and develop “new skill” employees to focus on what’s important to the customer.
The workshop is designed using methods for how today’s audiences prefer to learn and provides participants with a toolkit of resources to master new skills and sustain the learning. Facilitated by experienced automotive leaders and digital retailing experts, this workshop produces results for attendees that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.
Service Advisor Workshop: Build Better Service Experiences
Elevate the capabilities of your service advisors with Proactive Dealer Solutions' targeted workshops. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to address the communication challenges that service advisors encounter, ensuring they're equipped to excel in today's fast-paced service environment. Here are just some of the tracks your can customize for your dealership:
The Problem
Our Workshop Solution
Inefficient Shop Loading: Service advisors face challenges with shop loading, leading to rushed jobs and incomplete multi-point inspections, which can result in missed service revenue and customer distrust.
Optimizing Shop Loading: Our workshops provide service advisors with strategies to manage shop loading efficiently, ensuring that each vehicle receives a thorough multi-point inspection. We even train on the proper MPI techniques to build trust with your customers!
Managing Customer Expectations: Setting and managing realistic service timelines and costs, often leading to customer dissatisfaction if expectations are not properly managed from the outset.
Mastering Expectation Management: Our sessions focus on developing transparent communication methods for discussing service timelines and costs, which helps in aligning customer expectations with the dealership's delivery capabilities.
Delivering Bad News: Relaying unexpected service needs or additional costs requires a delicate balance between transparency and empathy to maintain customer trust.
Navigating Difficult Conversations: We'll equip your service advisors with recognizing communication styles to convey information with right balance of honesty and sensitivity.
Resistance to Upselling: Encountering pushback when recommending additional services is common and causes advisors to become little more than order takers.
Effective Upselling Techniques: Advisors learn the art of upselling and communicating value effectively, to be seen as a trusted resource rather than a pushy salesperson.
The Service Advisor Workshop by Proactive Dealer Solutions is a comprehensive training program designed to address and overcome the common communication challenges faced by service advisors in the automotive industry. Through a blend of interactive learning, practical exercises, and expert-led role-play, this workshop equips advisors with the skills needed to drive retention and revenue.
Communication Skills Workshop
Communication is one of the most powerful tools to better resonate and connect with customers. While dealerships today are dedicating large budgets to technology, it’s communication that determines success. This fun and interactive workshop incorporates a DISC behavior assessment to provide a foundation for understanding self and others.
The Problem
Our Workshop Solution
Ineffective communication skills across every channel: text, chat, email, phone, and in person.
Use a simple approach to identify four communication styles and how each style presents itself across each channel.
Failure to read customer cues and understand customer needs.
Understand the distinction of each DISC communication style and learn to recognize clues for identifying the styles of others.
Misunderstandings and silos due to ineffective internal communication.
Apply methods for interacting more effectively with different communication styles.
Lack of empathy, understanding, and listening skills.
Improve soft skills through identifying how natural preferences drive behaviors and creating strategies to evolve.
This workshop includes a personalized DISC assessment report for each participant to ensure that the attendee understands his or her behavioral strengths and preferences and how to read and leverage behaviors in others. Facilitated by DISC-certified communication experts, this workshop results in highly effective interpersonal relationships with coworkers and customers.
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