The fastest way to see an immediate increase in sales at any dealership is to better handle inbound calls. We can help you connect and convert more calls.

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Automotive Dealer Call Management System

What Does Our CallerCX Offer?

Our Call Management Solution is built to help dealers fix and master the phones. Every inbound call is automatically evaluated and scored through our Artificial Intelligence to coach staff on how to better handle the calls, and to notify managers of mishandled opportunities. Our platform trains your staff how to properly handle those valuable inbound leads through the largest, online Phones Skills Training program.
Don’t Miss Another Opportunity
Alerts management of failed and mishandled opportunities, so they can rescue more deals.
Hold Your Team Accountable
Improve staff performance with actionable agent-level and management-level reporting.
Coach Them To Be Great
Develop your staff's phone skills with personalized and real-time training.

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Dealership Calls Professionally Handled

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How Much Business Are You Losing?

A dealership loses one buyer every 25 calls and 1 service customer every 4 calls from lost calls and poor technique.
Our Dealers Book 4x More Sales Appointments
Failed Call Rate:
Unanswered and
Our Dealers
Failed Call Rate:
and Abandoned
By Agent
Our Dealers Books 2x More Services Appointments
Failed Call Rate:
Unanswered and
Our Dealers
Failed Call Rate:
Unanswered and Lost Calls
Appointment Requested
By Agent
Brad Warren Headshot

“We changed the process flow for our inbound calls since starting on CallerCX. We saw times when we were missing calls, so we added another receptionist. In our sales dept, we have a 96% connection rate. If I want to see  failed calls, it’s one click. My BDC managers are in CallerCX throughout the day. The customer experience is important to us, and CallerCX has helped us improve that.”

~ Brad Warren, Director of Technology, Healey Brothers Automotive

Todd Lalonde Headshot

“CallerCX has given me a comfort in an area that I didn’t even know existed. When we first started using this program, we had received 46,000 phone calls - and 18,000 we didn’t even pick up. We were wasting money by burying our heads in the sand. Now, our service numbers are great. Our dollars and retention have grown. Auto dealers can no longer just turn the lights on and open the door we have to embrace industry changes and address the disruptions.”

~ Todd Lalonde, COO, Drive Auto Group

Roy Penton Headshot

“In only 6 months of using Proactive's CallerCX tool, we are connecting all our calls and have increased appointment rate by 30%.”

~ Roy Penton, Sales Manager, Mossy of Picayune GM Superstore

Paul Knotts Headshot

“I have had a long standing and successful relationship with PDS. Most recently we embraced the CallerCX platform which has allowed us to understand our inbound call performance and phone experience. It has brought awareness to the functionality of our phone system and processes that needed to be improved. The corrections that we made as a result, have allowed us to reduce the number of failed calls into the dealership, thus decreasing the amount of potential lost revenue and improving our customer service experience.”

~ Paul Knotts, Service Director, Dan Cava Buick GMC

Automotive AI

Know Who’s Ready to Buy
Our technology identifies high intent buyers so that your team is able to convert and close ensuring no customer is lost
Optimize Advertising ROI
Know what’s working and what isn’t, so you can spend your budget on what actually drives traffic to your dealership
Speaker Identification
Speech biometrics automatically assigns calls to the staff who handled them for training purposes and follow-up
Enhanced Caller ID
When a potential buyer calls your store through CallerCX, we capture detailed customer information automatically. So even if your staff fails to capture that vital information, CallerCX will make sure to get it.
CRM Integration
Phone ups are automatically pushed into the CRM. We partner with the top auto CRMS including Dealersocket and VIN Solutions.
Online Phone Skills Certification
Improve handling of inbound sales & service calls to increase call experience and ensure your staff asks every customer to visit your dealership. Individual and dealership reporting and performance insights help you identify training needs.
Connect More Calls
Identify inbound call experience issues in real time to reduce failed customer calls.
Coaching Alerts
Automated Coaching Alerts develop your staff's phone skills to improve handling of the next call.
Missed Opportunity Alerts
Alerts managers of mishandled phone opportunities, enabling you to rescue more deals.
Continuous Phone Performance Feedback
Ensure agents master the phones, focusing on appointment setting through great customer service.
Mystery Shops
Hold agents accountable to effectively handle Internet leads both with the initial response and follow-up.

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Dealerships today have a lot of data available to them. It’s what they do with that data that makes the difference. The highest performing dealerships seem to have one thing in common: They act on the data from their phone calls. They use that data to improve the quality of their callers’ experience and to train and develop their teams where it matters the most.
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