Virtual BDC Support

Our Virtual BDC is an innovative solution designed to expedite and optimize the operations of your Service Department and BDC. At Proactive Dealer Solutions, we provide the automotive industry with the most advanced outsourced business development services. Our team of highly trained and seasoned virtual BDC agents is prepared to provide you with exceptional customer service by answering your Inbound Service Calls. We can act as your Service BDC or as a safety net to handle your missed service calls. Unlock even greater levels of efficiency, productivity, and customer focus with our Outbound Service Campaign strategies focused on revenue generation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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The Challenge That Dealers Face

In the modern automotive industry, time and focus are valuable commodities. Frequently, dealerships and automotive business development departments struggle to balance their revenue-generating activities with the volume of incoming calls from customers, prospective purchasers, and existing clients. While it's crucial to respond to all customer calls and inquiries, fully dedicating your team to this task can limit their focus on tasks vital to generating revenue and building valuable customer relationships.

Here is where our Virtual BDC and live agent backup services become indispensable. Now, along with managing inbound calls, we have expanded our support to include outbound call campaigns too. With our specialized outsourced BDC team's expertise, we efficiently and effectively reach out to open recalls, manufacturer notifications, inactive VINs ("Lost Souls"), and more. Your Fixed Operations will experience an immediate and unparalleled impact, propelling your dealership toward unprecedented success and profitability!

Our Virtual BDC Support Solution

Our Virtual BDC services aren't just a solution; they're a game-changer driving measurable results. We don't merely manage your incoming calls and outbound service campaigns, we revolutionize them with a team of top-tier, extensively trained agents, guaranteeing that each customer enjoys a uniquely personalized experience. Our Virtual BDC support agents aren't just trained; they're sculpted by the BDC Experts of the automotive industry.

Enhanced Productivity

With virtual inbound and outbound BDC support, your team will no longer be challenged to balance incoming calls with revenue-generating activities. This empowers your employees to focus on providing outstanding in-person and over-the-phone customer experience and relationship building. Optimizing the workflow of your team paves the way for superior performance and more robust results. It's not just about doing things better; it's about setting new standards of excellence in your operations.

Customer Focused

By harnessing the power of our virtual BDC support services, you're not just outsourcing your call answering and service campaign execution - you're taking your customer service to an unparalleled level of excellence. This partnership enables customers visiting your dealership or directly engaging with your business to experience superior, individualized service. It's not just about service; it's about creating memorable customer experiences that foster enduring relationships.

Professional Representatives

Our virtual BDC support agents are meticulously crafted to mirror your business' values with professionalism and courtesy. Every call is managed with exceptional expertise and diligence, adhering to your customized guidelines and protocols. With every interaction, we elevate customer service it to an unsurpassed quality, assisting you in fortifying your brand's image and reputation. We believe in the power of each touchpoint to elevate your brand's image and fortify its position in the automotive industry.

Affordable Scalability

Our virtual BDC support services are designed to be scalable and cost-effective, adapting to the needs of your business. Whether your call volume fluctuates or you need additional outbound support, we can adjust our resources accordingly. This eliminates the need to hire and train additional personnel, thereby providing a cost-effective solution for managing call volume.

Streamlining Success: Choosing the Right Virtual BDC Partner for Your Service Department

Effectively managing your dealership's service department demands a synergistic relationship with a suitable virtual BDC support partner. This decision directly influences how inbound and outbound calls are handled, impacting customer satisfaction, service efficiency, and operational productivity.

We focus on fundamental factors such as your unique requirements, service-oriented technology compatibility, quality of customer interaction, cost-effectiveness, and industry expertise. With the right guidance, your dealership can partner with a virtual BDC provider that aligns with your vision, enhancing your service department's performance and future growth.

How to Get Started

Your business isn't average, so why should your customer service be? Elevate it with our premium Virtual BDC services. Learn more about our other automotive dealership training and software services through the links on this page, or by consulting with our team of experts.
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