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Are you missing opportunities to engage with your customers? Proactive Dealers Solutions clarifies the WHAT, WHERE and WHY that are missing.

Mystery Shopping provides an objective view of your customer’s experience

Go beyond just measuring the experience, use data and insights from mystery shopping results to make meaningful change.
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Proactive Dealer Solutions provides substantive, actionable results with focus on improvement versus simply gathering metrics.

The combination of dynamic technology and our strategic approach offers our clients secure, efficient, accurate and trustworthy results and serves as a premier offering for full-service mystery shops.
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Dynamic Application
Our proprietary software generates a persona that is credible to dealership personnel – emulating actual customer behavior is critical to garnering proper measurement.
Quality Shoppers
Mystery shops are implemented by employees who work in the automotive division of our contact centers as opposed to being conducted by third party mystery shoppers. This affords us the opportunity to train those conducting shops as employees instead of being limited to simply preparing independent evaluators.
Turnkey Shop Execution
Proactive Dealer Solutions takes pride in its stringent quality assurance processes and scheduling methods, ensuring professional and objective feedback for our clients. Every communication is automatically captured, logged timestamped, and scored according to your custom mystery shopping form.

Sample Form Illustrating How Our Mystery Shops Overlay With Follow Up Processes And Score The Quality of That Follow Up

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