Lead Intelligence through Advanced Mystery Shopping

Welcome to the next level of dealership excellence! The heart of your business lies in customers engaging with you and choosing your dealership over all of the rest. That's why our Automotive Mystery Shopping program is designed to provide you with an objective, data-driven perspective of your customer's experience, so you can convert more leads and close more deals.


Intelligent Insights

Understand your customer's journey like never before from their first online interaction, through every phone conversation, right up to their in-showroom experience.

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Customizable Shops

Choose from tailored real-world scenarios that mimic a variety of customer interactions specific to your dealership, giving your a clear understanding of your team's lead handling performance.

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Dynamic Reporting

Unlock Success: Optimize your sales process with Real-Time Customer Engagement Metrics. We'll help your identify trends, track progress, and benchmark against industry standards.

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How OEMs use Engagement Intelligence

Brand Standardization

  • Conduct audits to ensure dealer websites, digital retailing tools, phone calls, texts, chats and emails all adhere to brand standards.
  • Automatically send alerts to Regions and dealers for immediate action to ensure brand integrity.

On-Demand Shops

  • Enable your field teams to trigger real-time mystery shops in preparation for upcoming dealer visits.
  • Gain insights on-the-go with AI driven evaluation reviews and action plan creation for dealers.

Data-Driven Decisions

  • Establish benchmarks for best practices across your brand and deliver supporting resources and training direct-to-dealers.
  • Leverage analytics to create data-driven strategies for Region and National dealer improvements.
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How dealers use Engagement Intelligence

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Improve Response Times and Call Connectivity

  • Provide an omnichannel experience for customers by responding across all channels with relevant and contextual communication.
  • Engage with 20% more customers by monitoring and mitigating how the dealers calls appear on customers’ phones, spam scores, and whether lines are text enabled.
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360-Degree Customer Journey Analysis

  • From the moment a lead is submitted online, be it an actual lead or a mystery shop lead, FastMSP tracks every touchpoint, capturing all follow-up interactions for 14 days or more. This comprehensive overview allows dealers to understand and improve the entire customer experience lifecycle.
  • Online Experience: online shop assessments provide a 360-degree view of your customer's digital journey, helping you refine strategies to significantly increase lead conversion rates.
  • Caller Experience: Inbound and outbound phone reviews offer a real-world evaluation of your dealership's call-handling skills, providing actionable insights that can lead to a 10% average lift in call connectivity and a 20% increase in lead conversion.
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Skill and Process Development

  • Results are sent directly to the lead handler with supporting resources and 2-minute training videos to develop your team automatically.
  • Learn how to better leverage and improve utilization of your dealership’s digital platforms and tools. Conduct Internet Process Reviews and GAP analyses to optimize lead management processes.
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How Automotive Services Companies use Engagement Intelligence

Rapid Persona Creation

  • One-click creation of customer personas with first and last names, local phone numbers, small business email addresses and mailing addresses within 10 miles of the dealership.
  • Customize persona stories describing to clients who this persona is, what’s going on in their life and how to convert them to a customer.

Time-Saving Technology

  • Reduce the time spent on mystery shopping by using our automatic phone, text, chat and email management system which monitors SPAM scores, responds to dealers as defined and logs response times.
  • Leverage APIs to pull FastMSP data into core reporting systems for unified client reporting.

Quality and Scale

  • Complete mystery shopping on your own or leverage our mystery shopping team for some shop volume or certain shop types.
  • Service level agreements guarantee you will not pay for an evaluation that fails due to a FastMSP error.

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