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What Does Biz Dev University Offer?

Biz Dev U is the most extensive online business development training program for automotive sales and service opportunities available today! With hours of video content and over 300 training modules accessible to train all roles. At Biz Dev U, we work with dealerships to increase their profit margins without increasing their marketing budgets.

We provide the training for all staff to obtain the skill set and best practices necessary to maximize new and existing opportunities. Our course completion testing & certification offers easy tracking on each employee's training progress. Biz Dev U builds top performing business development teams that sell and service more vehicles.
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300+ Modules
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84% of all sales training is lost after 90 days. 

Keep your team performing with Biz Dev U.

Course Categories

Our Platform Supercharges Employee Performance and Training Through Digital Learning, Motivation, and Real Time Feedback.

Find and Train the Right People

From there we apply a “right tools, right training” methodology so that dealers can coach and develop employees using a strength-based approach combined with our resources and best practices.

Phone Skills Mastery

Become an expert at mastering your phone skills, and how to enhance the customer experience, maximize every opportunity and best practices.

Chat Skills Mastery

Learn the components of a solid chat process with a module dedicated to becoming a master at chat and understanding the logic behind it.

Text Skills Mastery

A complete training program to teach the skills and theory behind successfully texting prospects in today's market.

Theory of Appointment Setting

Become a master at appointment setting strategies. Learn same day appointment setting, identifying a solid appointment and using questions to funnel.

Incoming Calls

Learn how to properly greet and qualify inbound calls while obtaining lead details and also set more appointments.

Follow Up

Courses on setting an effective follow up process in place and how to handle unappointed, unsold or missed opportunities.

Generating Leads with Proactive Campaigns

Learn how to generate more leads through stragtegic campaigns as well as theory, mechanics and scripting.

Handling Objections

Overcome customer concerns and objections and how to handle price, payment/down payment, credit, trade and/or selection rebuttals.

Floor Management

Trainings cover successful floor process, opportunity identifiers, follow up, management engagement and accountability.

Internet Response Mastery

Becoming a master handling the communications. Courses are broken out to cover the theory, process, messaging and email.

Lead A Top Performing Team

Classes that empower managers on proper processes, goals and expectations so the your team understands the importance of success.
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"Biz Dev University has been an absolute asset to our entire team. With a customer care department as big as ours it can get difficult managing the training needs of so many different people so having a tool like Biz Dev U to act as a sort of "training assistant" has been so helpful and the quality of the content is excellent"

~ LeeAnn Gehrs,  VP, CEC, Holman Automotive Group
Frank Moody, Recommends Proactive Dealer Solutions to other automotive dealerships

"We increased our sales by 28% and service by 24% just by getting our staff certified on the BDC Training Network. And, with reinforcement training from the real-time coaching alerts, we've been able to keep our staff performing at this level."

~ Frank Moody, General Manager, Courtesy Chevrolet - Louisville, KY

"I am so happy with the training that we have gotten from Proactive's Biz Dev University! Everyone in my store has been certified in the program including, and most importantly, all my managers. Our team better understands lead and process management and how to measure our success better than ever before.” 

~ Pat Preston, Dealer Principal, Preston Superstore

Most dealers are losing an average of $150k per month from their staff’s poor technique handling leads.

Give the skills and confidence your staff needs to sell and service more vehicles. Ask a BDC Expert how we can help.
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