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Immersive, Hands-On Training from the Experts in your Dealership

Empower Your Frontline to
Deliver Outstanding CX

Equip your employees with the knowledge, skills and process to ensure every interaction they deliver positively represents your brand and provides an outstanding Customer Experience (CX). Find out what impact onsite training from a CX Expert could have at your dealership with our customized Growth Opportunity Report.
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Great Experiences Begin with Great People and Processes

Move Beyond One-Size-Fits-All. Every dealership is unique, which means you need customized programs led by industry experts who understand the automotive market. Proactive Dealer Solutions provides the knowledge, experience, and applications to advance your dealership forward.

We work with clients to design and implement an onsite training and consulting solution to meet their specific goals. Develop your team with immersive, hands-on training where employees can practice essential skills taught by a BDC Expert, and managers can review performance standards to provide real-time, ongoing coaching.
Case Study

Our Dealer Group Partners

Photi Dave Fozard General Sales Manager, Wellington Motors massive improvement in bdc appointment show rates testimonial

“We’ve had a massive improvement in appointment show rates and more qualified appointments. Our Sales Managers are 100% engaged in moving our BDC and dealership to the next level. Our onsite specialist is outstanding, very professional, knowledgeable and a great motivator and coach. We are fully committed to staying with the program and moving the needle even further. I'd highly recommend Proactive for onsite training.”

~ Dave Fozard, General Sales Manager, Wellington Motors

"We always wanted an in-house BDC but just didn't know how to do it. The team from Proactive helped us structure the room, find and train the right people and still, today, continue to help our BDC progress and grow. It's a turnkey solution!"

~ Michael Hoopes, General Manager, Marine Chevrolet

“I can’t be more impressed with the team from Proactive Dealer solutions. They really are the BDC experts. Once we committed to the onboarding process with our Account Manager, Recruiter, and Onsite Performance Coach, all have by far exceeded my expectations. We are four months in, and I can’t wait to see the snowball effect of our BDC investment in the months and years to come.”

~ Anthony Lockwood, COO, Motorcycles of Manchester

“I want to thank Proactive Dealer Solutions for another successful training session. What you do for our store is remarkable. The store’s MOJO always rises when the performance coaches are onsite! The motivation and training that they provide is outstanding as our appointments and sales always increase when they are in the store. I think the best compliment that I can offer is this: our managers look forward to their presence!”

~ Pete Ganis, Dealer, Alice Chevrolet

What You Can Expect From Onsite Automotive Sales & Service Training

evaluate bdc salespeople skills assessment
Needs Analysis
and Benchmarking
Evaluate current skill levels, experience gaps, and implement an assessment-based process to better understand your team.
dealership sales training
Management Consulting
Smarter leadership results in smarter teams. Best practices for optimizing your dealership.
Digital Retailing Communication Training
Communication Training
Soft Skills Training to better communicate and connect with customers on every channel – text, chat, phone, and in-person.
 onsite dealership sales training
Experiential Training
Immersive, onsite learning where employees can practice essential skills through practical application. This method of training prepares employees for their roles more effectively and efficiently and improves speed to proficiency.
close more dealership leads
Action Planning for Continuous Improvement
Every onsite visit includes post-visit deliverables to sustain the learning with actionable recommendations.
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