Automotive BDC Training

We are the BDC Experts. We disrupted the industry with our BDC concept 25 years ago and have since built over 4,000 BDCs across the US and Canada.

Our Automotive BDC Training Program

Whether your dealership has an existing BDC, is interested in building a new BDC, or has unsuccessfully attempted a BDC, PDS combines practical experience and thought leadership to flawlessly execute your business development objectives using proven strategies from top dealer groups and over two decades of experience. Our comprehensive, customizable BDC solutions span from virtual to onsite and provide your dealership with new value and tangible results.
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Increase Your Business 25-30%

In Both Sales and Service with the PDS Difference

How We Help Dealers Become BDC Experts

BDC training consultant does hands-on BDC agent training

In-Dealership Training

Great Experiences for Customers Begin with Great People and Processes in your BDC.

Move Beyond One-Size-Fits-All. Every BDC is unique, which means you need a customized program led by industry experts who understand the automotive market. Proactive Dealer Solutions provides the knowledge, experience, and applications to advance your dealership forward.

We work with clients to design and implement an onsite training and consulting solution to optimize their BDC. Develop your team with immersive, hands-on training where employees can practice essential skills taught by a BDC Expert, and managers can review performance standards to provide real-time, ongoing coaching.

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Virtual BDC for Service

Make Every Customer Communication Count

Customers expect more from interactions today and keeping pace requires experience innovation. PDS understands the evolving needs of customers and elevate the caller’s experience in every inbound and outbound interaction.

Leave the staffing, training, quality control, and day-to-day customer outreach and follow-up calls to us. PDS has the experience, people, processes, and most importantly, passion, to be your virtual business development center, positively representing your brand while providing your callers with outstanding experiences.

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Outsourced BDC for service campaigns
CallerCX call tracking for dealership phone systems provide automotive phone training, phone scripts

Staff Performance Software

Upgrade your BDC with the Latest Technology and Results-Based Complete Solution

We examine current processes and structure, and then put together a roadmap that builds on what’s working and addresses what’s missing to optimize your BDC. Our complete solution for BDCs will help you monitor performance and equip employees with essential skills to deliver outstanding customer experiences at every interaction. Build a workforce that is transparent, competent, and engaged with the right knowledge, tools, and training.

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Biz Dev Boot Camp

Do More Than Train - Engage, Motivate, and Inspire

Biz Dev Boot Camp is an intensive, highly interactive, Train-the-Trainer program that combines customer experience principles with practical application and hands-on-learning to optimize your BDC. The training is designed using methods for how today’s audiences prefer to learn and provides participants with a toolkit of resources to master new skills and sustain the learning. Facilitated by experienced automotive business development leaders, this workshop produces results for attendees that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

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Lawson Owen leads a BDC training session for a team of BDC managers and bdc agents at biz dev boot camp

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