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Hiring Doesn’t Have to be a Gamble. Stop Rolling the Dice on Candidates


Your Front-Line Employees Are Your Brand. Are You Hiring the Right Ones?

The difference between a good dealership and a great one is the strength of its people. You may not be able to control dynamics such as market conditions, interest rates, rising consumer expectations, or swift evolutions in technology, but you can control who you hire.

Poor hiring practices cost the automotive industry billions of dollars annually. In addition to costs to find, hire and train an employee, ineffective recruiting and hiring hinders your ability to serve customers.

With over 20 years of recruiting experience, PDS Recruiting has mastered how to find and attract top talent for dealerships. With a proprietary network of candidate databases at our disposal and a dedicated recruiting team with a proven hiring process, we can help you staff BDC positions, salespeople, service advisors, receptionists and management roles.

Proactive Offers Turnkey Hiring and Onboarding Training to Staff a Top Performing Team.

We combine powerful technology with decades of experience to staff your dealership with the right people for the right roles. Automotive hiring is at the forefront of our business: we know it inside and out. We know which seats on the bus need to be filled, and we can identify the right type of people who need to be in them. But more important than that: we enable you to make these decisions.

We want to be a long-term partner with you, and we care about that relationship. This isn’t just a one-time transaction where we come in to do a job and get out. No, we’re in it for the long haul. We hope to be helping you recruit and staff your automotive team for years to come, bringing you success and growing your business and your brand.

Our Clients

The Quality and Commitment of Your People is Your Competitive Advantage.

better automotive candidates
Better Candidates. Less Time.
With an extensive database at our disposal and a dedicated recruiting team, we are committed to quickly staffing your dealership with quality candidates.
people for automotive sales jobs
Right People. Right Seats
AI-powered candidate assessment tool to take the guesswork out of hiring. Determine candidate’s natural strengths and preference for culture and role fit.
car dealership recruiting agency
Easy Process. Great Experience.
Seamless processes make your brand stand out to top talent and streamlines tasks like resume screening and interview scheduling.
Lisa Petrie | Proactive Dealer Solutions

"The PDS Recruiting Team was quick to place the ads, screen the applicants, approve them and send them to my store for my approval. Very thorough and experts in filling these positions."

~ Lisa Petrie, General Manager, Petrie Ford

Dan Bailey | Proactive Dealer Solutions

“I've always struggled finding good people to work in my Customer Care Center, not to mention the amount of time it would take me to go through all of the resumes and make the calls. The team helped me find 4 phone agents in less than 3 weeks and I was back to setting appointments!”

~ Dan Bailey, Fixed Ops Director, Glenbrook Automotive Group

Stephanie Foster | Proactive Dealer Solutions

“My experience using Proactive has been outstanding! Proactive truly cares about my business and I appreciate that more than you know. PDS has worked hard to find me experienced candidates and gone above and beyond in the promises you made. When my first hire didn't work out they were back at it, without question, immediately.”

~ Stephanie Foster, General Manager, Lange and Fetter Motors

Pete Ganis | Proactive Dealer Solutions

“I want to thank Proactive Dealer Solutions for another successful training session. What you do for our store is remarkable. The store’s MOJO always rises when the performance coaches are onsite! The motivation and training that they provide is outstanding as our appointments and sales always increase when they are in the store. I think the best compliment that I can offer is this: our managers look forward to their presence!”

~ Pete Ganis, Dealer, Alice Chevrolet

How It Works

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We Optimize Postings and Find Candidates
A dedicated hiring specialist reviews and optimizes your position post. Then places ads for the position on your dealership’s behalf and searches our extensive database. From there, we invite engaged, high-quality candidates to apply.
dealership candidate screening
We Screen and Assess Your Candidates
Our assessment process combines DISC principles and an automated behavior-based interview process to evaluate your candidates natural strengths, aptitude, and workplace preferences. The result? Talent that is a PERFECT FIT for the role.
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We Streamline The Interview Process
We score and review every assessment and provide you with a shortlist of quality candidates. Once you offer feedback, we schedule the interview and prepare the candidates.

We help thousands of dealerships like yours build a top performing team that sells & services more vehicles.

Get Started
Our team works to find yours. It’s like having a full-time recruiter at your dealership without the cost.
Dealership Roles We Hire For:
Agent / BDR
Business Development Manager
Sales Manager
Service Manager

Recruiting On-Demand
We Put Our People to Work Finding Yours with Our New Subscription Service

PDS Recruiting has launched Recruiter On-Demand, a subscription-based service designed to assist dealerships with all facets of the hiring process throughout the year. The monthly service covers up to three open positions a month. A Recruiter On-Demand monthly subscription includes recruitment for Sales Consultants, Receptionists, Service Advisors, BDC Reps and BDC Managers.
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