PDS Launches Virtual BDC for Service

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Proactive Dealer Solutions’ new Virtual BDC for Service program gives automotive retailers the ability to add service business that is readily available but not being capitalized on and enhances the customer’s experience.

Proactive Dealer Solutions, the BDC Experts, have launched a Virtual BDC for Service to accommodate the transformational challenges facing today’s automotive retailers in an effort to improve their customers' experience and pad their bottom lines.

The Virtual BDC for Service utilizes Proactive’s team of professional, in-house, BDC representatives to assist with outbound calls to make appointments for: first service, long-term customer retention service, notifications from connected vehicle platforms, and open recalls.

“Many dealers have some form of BDC whether it’s utilizing existing sales and service staff, a formalized BDC with managers and associates, or a hybrid of both,” said Jason Beckett, Proactive’s Chief Operating Officer. “Regardless of the situation, these service opportunities are often overlooked as inbound calls fill the systems beyond capacity.”

The program is open to both new and used vehicle retailers and is designed to add revenue that is readily available but often overlooked. Retailers have options when it comes to mining this additional revenue, but there are costs associated with those options.

“Outsourcing this particular service makes sense for a variety of reasons," Beckett said. "First, because the PDS team is fully versed in most current technology with the most sophisticated training in the industry. PDS has set up BDCs at thousands of retail dealerships across North America over the past quarter-century. The company has also developed and delivered proven in-depth training to tens of thousands of sales and service associates and BDC reps. Outsourcing the service eliminates the need for retailers to have their team undergo the necessary training.”

An outsourced service BDC also offers dealers far less risk. Setting up an in-house BDC requires significant resources in terms of time, personnel, space, and, of course, capital. It may take months to see a discernible return on investment. In most cases, using an outsourced BDC can be almost immediately accretive to earnings.

“One recent case study,” Beckett said, “showed an ROI of more than 700 percent over five months. Our service requires no long-term contracts and comes at a low-cost. We’ve found that dealers demand an ROI that not only occurs quickly, but doesn’t dissipate over time.”

Virtual BDC for Service allows retailers to give their consumers something they really want — convenience. Today’s digital consumers want to conduct as much business online or over the phone as possible. By using a Virtual BDC for Service, dealers can extend their hours, and connect when consumers are more likely to respond to calls, emails, and texts. Dozens of retailers have already signed on the Virtual BDC for Service platform, and data has been pouring in that has already enhanced the system. The platform gets better and more efficient over time as that data is analyzed and improvements are pushed through.

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