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The Digital Voice Assistant for Automated Appointment Scheduling

The Digital Voice Assistant for Automated Appointment Scheduling

Proactive Dealer Solutions is known for making waves in the retail automotive industry, and this past year has been no exception. With the release of a new automated appointment scheduling tool that acts as a full digital voice assistant, PDS has set a new standard for the future of automotive dealers.

The name of this amazing solution is, and you’ll quickly see that this powerful digital voice assistant tool does so much more than just answer phones.

For over 22 years, PDS has been offering cutting-edge solutions to help automotive dealers outpace the competition and increase revenue. These solutions have included such vital resources as business development centers, process management, lead management, and automotive retail soft skills training. More recently, Proactive Dealer Solutions has built out tech-enabled services that assist dealers with enhancing the customer experience while improving efficiencies and increasing revenue even further.

That notable history has led to another innovation for automotive retailers that is changing the game dramatically, namely the first digital voice assistant that can answer, handle, and appoint any inbound service calls. has the ability to set, cancel, change appointments, and even answer common questions such as operating hours, pricing, and locations. Brooke can literally act as a full-service receptionist, routing calls correctly with life-like characteristics and a natural language style.

Performance That Matters continues to prove her worth as auto dealers utilize this powerful tool both day and night. Even after hours, Brooke offers the ability for complete scheduling coordination at scale, allowing your dealership to operate seamlessly with sound peace of mind. This is no baseless claim. Brooke consistently schedules over 10,000 appointments per month on average, and when you consider that most dealerships face an abysmal 30% failure rate for calls, meaning 3 of every 10 calls are going unanswered, that difference can be extremely impactful.

While many dealerships begin their engagement with as primarily an after-hours or overflow solution, they commonly shift to a more complete use once they get comfortable with this powerful tool. In fact, Proactive Dealer Solutions has found that most dealerships are getting many more overflow calls than they realize, making a tool such as Brooke even more necessary. About 20 - 30% of all appointments are being set by Brooke just from overflow, therefore Brooke consistently inspires more use as her broad features and capabilities are recognized.

Brooke has continually proven to have the same show rate as appointments being set by live phone agents. That’s powerful, especially when you consider the challenge of finding employees in this modern market. When you take all of this into consideration, having a reliable solution like Brooke that does not require time off, breaks, or other common human needs is a no-brainer.

Not only is Brooke effective, but there is a clear argument that she produces even more revenue than a live agent. Data shows that this powerful digital voice assistant produces an impressive $437 per RO vs $370 per RO for a live agent. That difference is not lost on the dealerships that are able to maintain the same level of staff but utilize their employees more effectively elsewhere such as in outbound campaigns, or database mining and retention. 

This means even more money for a dealership when they can perform these valuable tasks that are often overshadowed by the simple act of handling incoming calls. Having a solution such as leads to constant and measurable revenue growth. This doesn’t even take into consideration the valuable time that Brooke saves dealers by allowing for better employee development by freeing up live agents to improve their soft skills. 

Proactive Dealer Solutions is renowned for its consistent and professional support, which is vital when you regularly service over 1,600 dealers per month. PDS understands and respects the investment dealerships make when they choose to work with them for their many auto dealer solutions. 

Choosing a Digital Voice Assistant

If you are thinking of integrating a digital voice assistant such as into your auto dealership, there are some things worth considering. While we make the process simple and seamless, it’s worth noting that there will be some adjustments you need to prepare for. Planning ahead and knowing what to expect will make this transition go more smoothly.

When considering a digital voice assistant, we recommend considering the following;

By following these tips we can help you evaluate our digital voice assistant tool with thoroughness and confidence. In the end, we know Brooke will prove to be everything you need and more.

Automated Appointment Scheduling and so Much More

Because of how effective is, and how involved we are with your integration, adoption rates are steadily increasing month over month. It’s becoming more evident that most people don’t want to deal with a human when they can get their needs met in under 3 minutes from an effective digital voice assistant. 

Brooke brings the power of an industry-leading automated appointment scheduling tool with all the capabilities of a full-service digital voice assistant, leaving your dealership with peace of mind and measurable performance. Even the more veteran dealers who are apprehensive to shift to modern technology solutions have seen just how easy Brooke is to use. 

Our team stands at the ready to help answer your questions and evaluate if is the right tool for you. Learn more about Brooke at her website,, or call our team to set up a custom demonstration.

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