Proactive Dealer Solutions’ Digital Voice Assistant Approved as Stellantis MarketCenter Supplier

Proactive Dealer Solutions’ Digital Voice Assistant

Approved as Stellantis MarketCenter Supplier

Stellantis dealers now have access to preferred rates for  the DVA’s proprietary shop management and scheduling capacity to drive more Fixed Ops revenue 

HUNTERSVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES – 1/3/24 - Proactive Dealer Solutions today announced the addition of its digital voice assistant (DVA) to the Stellantis MarketCenter. As a MarketCenter supplier, Proactive’s offers Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram, and Fiat U.S. dealers competitive pricing through Stellantis' MarketCenter within the DealerConnect portal. is automotive’s first digital voice assistant designed to answer, handle, and appoint inbound service calls for dealers. She improves the customer experience while reducing operational expenses. As a specialized AI digital voice assistant specifically built for automotive service scheduling, Brooke delivers more accurate responses leveraging Natural Language Understanding. Loading historical data from millions of real voice conversations within the automotive industry ensures that the digital assistant understands the context of what a customer is saying. Unlike traditional bot technology, has the ability to handle the unknown.’s proprietary shop management and scheduling capacity features are designed to streamline the management of fixed operations workflows and improve customer experience through a more balanced workload. Robust scheduling functionality ensures the service department is correctly scheduled according to staffing and workload. also includes a vehicle manager to control vehicles serviced and shop loading based on service type and technician skills and ensures appointments are scheduled with accurate operation codes. Brooke can additionally check and promote open recalls and recommended maintenance when managing inbound service calls from existing customers.

Proactive Dealer Solutions studies show that an average of 30 percent of inbound service calls are lost, abandoned on hold, or misrouted. ensures every call connects, which can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue every year. also provides callers with basic dealership information, such as service hours and location details. She quickly transfers more complex or non-appointable calls to the correct person at the dealership, including roadside assistance, when necessary.

Proactive Dealer Solutions is offering the following packages to Stellantis dealers at competitive prices: Package Overflow and After Hours: For dealerships that choose to use for overflow calls and after-hours calls, or smaller dealerships doing less than 1,000 Customer Pay and Warranty ROs per month. The package includes up to 1,500 minutes per store per month. Package First Response: For larger dealerships doing upwards of 1,000 Customer Pay and Warranty ROs per month. This allows the use of upfront in call flow to handle the brunt of the call volume coming into the dealership. All service calls would be initially handled by Includes unlimited minute volume. Package Full Coverage:  This package is best for those dealerships with no in-house BDC who want to eliminate inbound calls to the service drive. It features unlimited minutes as well as unlimited calls which are handled by a team of skilled, onshore, live agents to take calls that require a live person. This package also includes unlimited use of the Recall/Maintenance and Outbound add-on features:

Optional Add-Ons: Package Maintenance and Recall: This package allows Brooke to recognize when a vehicle is due for manufacturer­ recommended maintenance, inform the customer that this service is due, and ask the customer if they would like to add that work to their appointment. Brooke scrubs the VIN to identify any open recalls, informs the customer that there is an open recall on their vehicle, and asks if they would like to add that work to their appointment. Dealers can choose to take advantage of both the recall and maintenance features or disable recalls. Package Outbound Recalls: Dealers can leverage their DMS integration or use a CSV file to upload a list of recalls they wish to have make outbound calls on. Dealers can exclude certain recalls they do not wish to be appointed. will make three outbound call attempts to customers over a 45-day period to notify them of an open recall on their vehicle and schedule a day/time for them to bring their vehicle in. will leave messages for customers when the calls are sent to voicemail.

“We are proud to be part of MarketCenter and look forward to helping our Stellantis dealers further improve the efficiency and profitability of their service departments. Our mission is to ensure that auto dealerships can answer and appoint every inbound service call while efficiently managing their service bays,” said Pat Reininger, Chief Executive Officer of Proactive Dealer Solutions. “With, Stellantis dealerships can now improve the service experience and drive operational efficiency while alleviating service advisors and BDC agents from the demands of inbound service calls.” is available to customers 24/7 and the DVA communicates conversationally and naturally with contextual awareness and adaptive behavior, much like common DVA home devices such as Alexa and Google Home. will work seamlessly to create a modern service experience that meets customer expectations while creating additional revenue opportunities for dealerships.


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