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Are You Prepared to Engage the Digital Consumer? Join Us for Customer Experience Workshops

Automobile shoppers now spend more than 14 hours online looking for the vehicle they want. If they’ve called your dealership, odds are they are near a decision. In fact, they’ve likely spotted the vehicle they want in your inventory. They already know what they want, features and options that they require, and have a good idea about price. When they call, everyone from the receptionist, the BDC, sales, and service associates — everyone — needs to make sure calls are answered professionally, effectively, and efficiently.

Improving internal and external automotive service and sales BDC communications with your clients and prospects is key to setting more appointments, selling more vehicles, improving customer satisfaction, increasing positive reviews, and generating more repeat and referral business. Proactive Dealer Solutions, The BDC Experts data analytics, generated from working with thousands of dealerships across North America, show that the average dealership in North America has about 20 percent of its inbound calls lost, dropped, or abandoned.

Proactive Dealer Solutions’ systems and effective training have helped dealerships dramatically reduce those lost calls, improve sales, and boost profits. We’ve developed two full days of Customer Experience Workshops to help your BDRs handle the most common objections, communicate effectively, utilize the dealership’s CRM proficiently, with one underlying goal —increase the number of vehicles sold with the most gross profit.

We’ve also developed a third training day, Performance Management Workshop, designed to enhance the skills of your managers in creating a culture of Business Development. During this workshop they will learn how to train, manage, and motivate employees, set goals, and measure Key Performance Metrics.

The Customer Experience Workshops are perfect for sales representatives, all BDC and Internet agents, and managers. General, Sales and Internet/BDC managers should plan on attending the Performance Management Workshop as well.

The workshops will be held Oct. 10-11, and Oct. 17 at our Huntersville, N.C. headquarters.
For full details visit or call 844.581.9960.

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