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Proactive Dealer Solutions, the BDC Experts, enhances its popular Artificial Intelligence-powered CallerCX Platform with Voice Recognition biometrics to seamlessly identify associates and assign calls.

Nearly 75 percent of automotive consumers won’t buy a vehicle without speaking to a retailer directly, according to AutoTrader’s “The Future of Car Retailing” Report. The importance of this human interaction goes to the heart of Proactive Dealer Solutions’ (PDS) continued innovation of its CallerCX platform with the addition of voice biometrics.

CallerCX is a comprehensive, end-to-end call management platform that allows franchise and independent dealerships to appoint more inbound calls by ensuring more calls are connected and handled effectively. PDS has added voice recognition biometrics to its popular platform which services thousands of dealerships across North America.

PDS’ CallerCX platform employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) that “listens” to each inbound call through speech recognition, and if certain key metrics are not met, such as getting multiple points of contact, not setting the appointment, or other failures, the platform generates an email or text directly to a manager within minutes, so the issue can be quickly corrected.

“Our platform now automatically assigns calls to the staff based on their speech biometrics,” said Jason Beckett, PDS Chief Operating Officer. “No more do they have to announce their name or put in a code for the assignment. Therefore, all calls are assigned to the staff who handle them  — keeping them accountable to follow the process.”

“With this new feature, and integration with the CRM, the CallerCX platform can now push phone-ups into the CRM that are assigned to the agent who handled them which triggers the CRM follow-up process, so no lead gets lost,” Beckett added.

Beckett said that studies like AutoTrader’s and others show that consumers want, and need, to speak to a retailer when they buy a vehicle. They also want to spend the least amount of time possible at the dealership going through the buying process.

The addition of voice recognition biometrics to the CallerCX platform, based on the unique qualities of voice such as tone, pitch and speed, similar to a fingerprint, allows PDS to assign the call to the correct employee regardless of the extension that takes the call or if they fail to announce themselves.

It is paramount to be able to take the human element out of assigning calls to the appropriate salesperson, agent, receptionist or service advisor in the coaching and training space. In addition, listening to calls is too tedious and time consuming.

Current solutions on the market identify the correct person at a rate of less than 10 percent of the time, while the new PDS solution promises to properly identify the team member at a rate above 95 percent.

PDS clients use the technology to identify more coaching opportunities in near real-time and change the behaviors that lead to increasing the rates that their team members convert sales and service calls to appointments. Top dealers using these systems appoint sales calls 66 percent of the time and appoint service calls 87 percent of the time.

Voice recognition, also commonly referred to as a voice fingerprint, uses AI to identify, authenticate, and then assign an inbound call to a specific staff member. Voice recognition can also be used to enhance platform security, training, and improve customer satisfaction.

“CallerCX,” Beckett said, “enhances the ability of managers, BDC representatives, salespeople, service advisors, and receptionists by giving them powerful tools all designed to streamline their jobs, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve profitability resulting in increases in repeat and referral business.”

“By monitoring all calls using artificial intelligence we significantly reduce the number of lost, dropped, or abandoned calls,” Beckett said. “This dramatically increases the number of appointments made, service ROs, and cars sold. CallerCX points out representatives proficiencies and deficiencies. Our proprietary online video training, can then be employed to bolster the training. We also have the nation’s top BDC Boot Camps and Customer Experience Workshops.”

The AutoTrader Report said that there is much that can be done online or via phone to speed up the buying process. Every 20 minutes saved at the dealership improves customer satisfaction.

“Keep this in mind,” Beckett said, “the study asked more than 2,000 consumers when they thought the entire car buying process could be done online or remotely. The average car buyer believes it will be 19.5 years before a car is bought completely without human interaction.”

“Therefore,” Beckett concluded, “the need to hone the skills of BDC representatives, sales and service associates, receptionists — the entire team — is paramount, and that’s why the integration of voice recognition will further enhance the customer experience.”

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