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Proactive Dealer Solutions’ effective and popular call management platform has been rebranded to CallerCX; (CallerCX.io) to more adequately reflect how the system works to enhance the Customer Experience. CallerCX uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and track calls and trains team members to fix and master the phones.
CallerCX | Proactive Dealer Solutions

Automotive shoppers now spend more than 14 hours online researching the vehicle they want, and when they call a dealership they are ready to buy. Despite these hot inbound leads that cost an average dealer $200 to generate, 20-30 percent of these inbound calls are lost, dropped or abandoned.

Proactive Dealer Solutions’ (PDS) CallerCX is a comprehensive, end-to-end call management platform that offers franchise and independent dealerships the ability to manage and improve all dealership communications at an affordable price that pays immediate dividends.

Jason Beckett, PDS Chief Operating Officer, said “Improving client communications with automotive service and sales staff is key to setting more appointments, selling more vehicles, improving customer satisfaction, increasing positive reviews, and generating more repeat and referral business.”

“If we can provide a great customer experience, beginning with initial contact via phone,” Beckett said, “we dramatically increase the odds of selling a vehicle. Enhancing the customer experience is the key, and the name change for our platform reflects this.”
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Proactive began providing call management solutions for automotive retailers more than 25 years ago, and has assisted thousands of dealers across North America in setting more appointments and selling more cars. The company’s experts regularly work with automotive manufacturers to develop call management best practices for their respective dealer bodies.

Both inbound and outbound calls are vital to today’s dealership. When consumers call a dealership they are “transaction ready” after having spent more than 14 hours doing online research. Over one-in-four customers has first contact with a dealership by phone, according to Cox Automotive.

Beckett noted that the Cox Automotive 2019 Technology and Transformation of Retail Study by its VinSolutions subsidiary, states that 63 percent of dealers agree that automation and/or AI is necessary to adapt to the changing dealership pressures.

CallerCX “listens” to each inbound call, and if certain key metrics are not met, such as not getting multiple points of contact, appointment not set, or other failures, the platform generates an email or text directly to a manager within minutes, so the issue can be quickly corrected.

“When a customer is so far along on his buying journey, minutes matter,” Beckett said. “The buyer’s powerful mobile device is already in hand, and another dealer is a few clicks away.”
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CallerCX can immediately add to the bottom line. If the platform reduced a dealership’s failed call rate from 20 percent to 10 percent, a dealer selling 100 units a month could generate 13 more appointments and close 3-4 more deals, resulting in $6,000 to $8,000 more in gross profit. For the service department, the results are even greater. Reducing failed calls from 30 to 10 percent, results in $43,000 more in repair orders each month.

CallerCX provides the tools necessary to see these improvements. The platform monitors all call volume using artificial intelligence (AI); identifies failed calls; automatically classifies whether a call is a true sales or service opportunity versus a non-sales call type; utilizes AI to determine the staff effectiveness; and also recommends and tracks the results of its proprietary online training.

While managers are informed of the successes or failures of their operatives, team members are notified when they have a weakness by means of real-time micro-training videos. Monitored, interactive video training offers reps the training to improve their phone skills by reinforcing best practices on an ongoing basis.

Proactive has revamped more than 300 training videos that cover topics like Call Theory, Scripting, Objection Handling, Lead Management, and much more. These professional training videos have come as the result of years of development, testing, and implementation.

“Our AI systems are constantly monitoring calls, tracking results, and determining what policies and procedures work best, and make recommendations based on preset goals for your specific dealership,” Beckett said. “We learn from this and update our training library.”

Most partners who sign up with CallerCX will see increases in their sales and service business of 25-30 percent in the first three to four months, and benefits will be seen in just weeks.

“We have seen some dealerships increase their sales and service dramatically,” Beckett said. “Our partners, with the help of our robust ‘smart’ training platform will enhance their customers’ experience and see improvements in weeks.”

CallerCX starts at just $495 per month, with no long-term contracts.

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