3 Best Rules for Video Communication

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The biggest hurdle to sales prospecting is getting a conversation going in the first place. That’s why today’s leading dealers are leveraging video messaging in email to communicate with customers. It’s easy to see the appeal. Videos in email can increase open rates by 19 percent and boost click through rates by as much as 65 percent.

Video COmmunication for Automotive BDCs helps increase open rates

Chalk up those stellar results to the fact that video creates a human connection, and that’s key to selling success. After all, people like doing business with people, not companies. However, you can’t just throw out a video and expect sales to roll in. Videos must be engaging, personal, and concise to get results. Below, let’s explore some do’s and don’ts of using video to engage sales prospects at three key points along the customer journey.

The introduction. Video is a great way to jump-start the customer relationship as it gives leads the person-based experience they crave. When creating an introduction video, do read the lead before you proceed. Specifically respond to what the customer is seeking and answer any and all questions.

Do think about what message you would leave in a voicemail. For example, “This is Sam calling from ABC Dealership. I understand you’re interested in a 2023 Honda Camry. I’m going to get some information together and send it over to you no later than 4 PM today. In the meantime, feel free to give me a call if other questions come up.” The message is concise, personal, and includes a call to action.

Now for the don’ts. Don’t make your video longer than 30 seconds and don’t push too fast. This is not the time to ask when a customer wants to come in for a test drive. The goal is to get them to respond and start the conversation.

Don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know. It’s fine to tell a customer asking for payment terms that you need more information to give an accurate quote. Lastly, don’t worry if you feel shy or uncomfortable at first. Anything new requires an adjustment period. Create videos for a week or two and it will be old hat. And remember the best thing about video: you can always delete and try again.

The vehicle walk-around. You’ve started the conversation with the customer and it’s time to show the vehicle of interest. Do think of the conversation so far. Has the customer asked about a sunroof? Do they need a large trunk for their kid’s sports equipment? Do make the customer’s focus the focus of your video. Do include features that relate to what the customer wants. For example, a customer with kids may appreciate seeing safety features such as a hands-free radio.

Improve appointment confirmations with video communication

Don’t show every feature and benefit. That would be a very long video. Don’t forget to prepare. Make sure the vehicle is clean and parked in a well-lit area so features are easy to see. Don’t make a video longer than 2 to 3 minutes. Don’t forget to speak clearly and don’t try to pack in too much. Pick the most important features and linger for a few seconds to allow the customer time to digest what they’re seeing.

The appointment confirmation. Video is a very effective way to confirm an appointment because people feel accountable to other people, not to an automated text message. Do make it personal. Tell the customer you’re excited to meet them in person and show them their vehicle of interest. Do hold up the vehicle keys or record the video in front of the vehicle for engaging imagery. Do set a relaxing tone so the customer knows there will not be a hard sell when they show up. For example, say something along the lines of “I don’t want to rush your decision, I just want to make sure you have all the information and I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 3:45.”

Don’t offer up additional information that the customer has not asked for. This could cause a loss of trust or trepidation for the customer. Don’t make a video longer than 30 seconds. Finally, don’t forget to be upbeat and excited about meeting the customer in person.

Video marketing content in email is a great way to jump-start conversations and engage customers along the path to purchase. Along with enabling you to deliver a person-based experience, video in email has the power to be engaging and drive immediate action. And we can’t forget those stellar open and click-through rates!

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Tiffany Peeler is the VP of Sales & Operations for Proactive Dealer Solutions. Tiffany joined the Account Management team in 2014 and quickly became recognized for driving growth and retention with her expertise in developing and delivering effective coaching solutions. Today, Tiffany leads the sales and fulfillment teams with a laser focus on delivering industry-leading solutions to improve upon the customer experience and radically improving dealership profitability for over 1,200 North American dealerships.

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